Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where Did God Come From, Part 2

There is an old atheistic argument that says that if you can't show where God "came from," that shows there is no God. This is really lame. God is eternal and created time. He is independent of time.

Nevertheless, some atheists sneer at the "God is eternal" argument. Everything, they insist, has to "come from" something. So, let me approach it from another angle.

If being unable to say where God came from means God does not exist, then nothing at all exists.


Well, let's pretend the atheist's argument is correct: God didn't come from something earlier so God doesn't exist.

Okay, then it must also be true that if the universe didn't come from something earlier then the universe doesn't exist.

So... what earlier thing did the universe come from?

Atheists may try to avoid this question by claiming the universe has been cycling around forever, but that is just saying the universe is eternal, and if my saying God is eternal is invalid, then the atheist's saying the universe is eternal is equally invalid.

But, if rabbits and flowers and ice and gravity and sunshine and Einstein's equation and the universe itself actually DO exist, then this atheistic argument is false.

Here is my earlier discussion of this topic.

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