Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Thoughts: John Wesley's Voters

Note: I decided recently to comment on things I've noted in books over the years. I'm calling these Book Thoughts.

I had breakfast with my friend John the other day, and we talked a bit about Christianity and politics. As we talked, this quotation from The Journal of John Wesley came to mind ...
Wed. July 1. - I spoke severally to all those who had votes in the ensuing election. I found them such as I desired. Not one would even eat or drink at the expense of him for whom he voted. Five guineas had been given to W.C., but he returned them immediately. T.M. positively refused to accept anything. And when he heard that his mother had received money privately, he could not rest till she gave him the three guineas, which he instantly sent back.
Wow! I like those bribe-refusing voters. Christ at work in their lives in a real, practical way. We could learn lessons.