Sunday, September 07, 2003

The Trouble With Ice Cubes

You know what's really annoying? Semicircular ice cubes; the kind you get from a lot of these ice-cube dispensing refrigerators.

The problem is that when I put them in a glass, they invariably turn sideways, creating this little dam that prevents you from drinking. Because the "cubes" are semicircular, they fit perfectly against the side of a standard glass.

So I sort of twirl the glass around so the ice floats away and isn't creating a dam. Then I put it to my lips and it pops back in place. Then I'll give it a little poke with my finger or a spoon and it looks okay, but as soon as I put it to my lips it realizes it's been negligent and jumps back on duty, keeping me from my iced tea.

What's with these semicircular ice cube dispensing refrigerator makers? Don't they test their products? At least they could ship them with a supply of straws.

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